From a young age, through school and college, I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. I went on to study at Bretton Hall College of Art where I gained a BA hons degree in Fine Art. The wild moorland of Northern England directly inspires my work but the gentler aspects of field, meadow and woodland are also present in the paintings. These aspects of landscape can all be found in Teesdale, where I grew up and now live with my family, working as an artist. My home studio is a short walk from the Pennine Moors where I frequently go in all weathers, looking for inspiration.


The physical process of painting begins with heavy, bold markings forming a geology of texture. Similar to erosion in the landscape, I score into the surface revealing hidden layers. My work then evolves over this surface with many glazes of colour creating depth and change like the elements in nature. Lines carved into and drawn upon the surface echo the linear details of stone walls, animal tracks and streams found across the hills. The balance of figurative and abstract detail, capture a fleeting moment, a memory of landscape.